Pick your Squad!

01 Operations Squad

This squad drives on helping people find a home away from home. Are you that person who knows everyone on campus? You'd kill it at the Operations Squad!

This squad is for the Wolves of Wall Street!

02 Events Squad

This Squad is all about getting people everywhere to know about Uniplaces, so you will be our brand ambassador in job fairs, international days and sponsored events, either it is in your city or abroad.

This squad is for the ones who can't stay still.

03 Written Squad

This Squad uses creative writing skills to share their experiences and inside knowledge on various topics, either in the form of blog posts, web content or design copy.

This squad is for the ones who daydream!

04 Visual Squad

This squad focuses on producing videos, photos and design for online and offline projects, including social media campaigns, events and other initiatives.

This squad is for the ones who dare...

Join the Squad and suit UP!

Are you UP for this?

New experiences. Worldwide friends. Challenging yourself.

Get crazy, creative and have lots of fun!

The UP Squad is a community of people that live to make a difference.

It’s an opportunity to grow, to discover your talents, make great friends and create a personal impact on one of the most successful startups in Europe, Uniplaces.

Fundamentally, it is your mission to help people around the world live an exciting and meaningful experience abroad, and you never know, you might be making a new friend!

Earn money with each task
Work from anywhere and your own time
Experience the startup world

Testimonials from our Ambassadors

What is Uniplaces?

We are the fastest-growing online accommodation platform, helping students and young professionals around the world find a home in Europe.

Since we started we already booked more than 6 million nights in over 30 european cities. Uniplaces makes it possible for people to rent mid- to long-term accommodation in the way that they like: Easy, Safe and Quick. 

It’s our way of turning an old-fashioned market on its head and changing the world, truly believing in making accommodation less of a hassle for students and accommodation providers.

We have a team of talented, inspired and driven people, who share the Uniplaces vision and keep it alive everyday.

Some say we're crazy...we say: Yes we are! Crazy for all of it.